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Just like everyone else, Rad Designs 1986 has had to put normal life on hold.  All this went down right as the show and event season was ramping up and now we are sitting on a lot of inventory that we built up for shows.  We can't go to shows, so lets have some fun with it.  So we called Eddie and said "Eddie, clean your garage out and find some cool stuff that we can add to some mystery boxes."

Rad Designs 1986 Eddie Fiola Mystery box!

Every box will have a retail value of at least $95.00. You will be guaranteed 1 hat and 2 shirts, plus other mystery items that will vary for every box! Here's how it will look.

- One (1) new EF hat.  You will get your choice of flat brim or curved brim; but the style of hat will be chosen at random.  You will receive either a FIOLA Headtube logo, FIOLA Skull, or EF Pedal Gauge hat.  $25.00 value.

- Two (2) Eddie Fiola T-Shirts. You will be able to choose the sizes; but the shirt designs and colors will be chosen at random.  We will be pulling these from the show inventory stock.  Why does that matter?  Well, you may have seen all the Eddie Fiola shirts we offer on the site, but at shows we offer a lot of options that aren't on the site.  Both in designs and colorways. So you could receive a shirt that is truly a one off.  Available sizes will be Adult Small - Adult XXXL. $50.00 value

- Mystery items.  Could be a drink coozie, stickers, signed photo cards, key chains, something pulled from somewhere in Eddie's garage (no bike parts), who knows! It could also be a combination of those.  Every box will be different. $20.00 value at minimum.

Also, new for the 4th quarter of 2021, if you buy an Eddie Fiola Mystery Box, you get the option to also get a video of Eddie actually boxing up your mystery box and getting it ready to ship! Additional fee's apply.